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Ivf Cycle

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IVF Cycle Schedule

There are eight phases involved within the IVF cycle schedule. The following is a detailed description of each of these phases.
Birth Control Pills
(Approx. 14-21 days)
(Approx. 12-15 days)
Baseline Ultrasound
(Approx. 10-12 days)
Trigger Shot
Egg Retrieval
(36-37 hours after trigger shot)
Embryo Transfer
(3-5 days after retrieval)
Pregnancy Test (14 days after retrieval)
1st - Approx. 6 ½-7 weeks pregnant
2nd - Approx. 7 ½ - 8 ½ weeks pregnant
Release to OB at 8-10 weeks pregnant

Phase I

  1. Individual IVF consult with physician
  2. Group IVF- both IVF physician and IVF nurse orientation
  3. Consent signed and deposit.

For International Patients

  1. Query prompted from the couple with the information on the medical status of the couple and other details.
  2. On the receipt of the information our IVF and Surrogacy Manager will call you for a personal conversation and seek details required. She will email you a list of screening tests to undergo in your country. These screening tests will allow the IVF specialist to assess your case personally and recommend the line of treatment.

Phase II

IVF screening performed. This includes blood work, trial transfer, and contract ultrasound. This phase also includes injection teaching, and CCCT (if needed).

While pre-screening will be individualized to each couple, it is essential that all screening be completed before proceeding into the IVF cycle. The IVF Coordinator will assist you in scheduling all necessary tests and procedures.

For International Patients: Based on the recommended line of treatment of the IVF Specialist a fully inclusive medical quote including the cost of medications is provided to the couple. A personal conversation is made to explain the details and answer any queries.

Phase III

As the patient accepts the line of treatment : -
Patient begins taking birth control pills and other recommended medications. The IVF specialist based on each individual case will advise the couple for the required medications and administer the same before the arrival of the couple in India.

Phase IV

You will be given a written protocol which will be reviewed with you in detail as to the timing of your FSH injections. An appointment for blood estradiol and ultrasound will be made for the morning of the sixth(6th) day of FSH. Your dosage of FSH may be adjusted at this visit according to your follicular development and estradiol levels. Your next appointment will be scheduled according to your response. The average patient requires approximately ten (10) days of stimulation. Your stimulation may require more or less time depending on your response.

If too few follicles develop, your physician may decide to "cancel" your cycle. You would stop all drugs and would not proceed to Retrieval. The physician will speak with you about changes that can be made in your cycle to make it possible to try again at a later date.

Phase V

Administration of hCG When follicles have developed appropriately (15-20mm) with appropriate estradiol levels, you will be instructed in the next very important step- administration of HCG. hCG is essential for further maturation of the oocytes (eggs) and must be given at the time you are told. This time will be calculated for you to correspond with 37 hours from administration to Retrieval.

All supplies (with the exception of the drugs) and full instruction for administration of hCG, along with instruction for the remainder of your IVF plan, will be given to you in writing and reviewed in detail with you prior to your leaving the office on this visit.

You will be instructed to stop your FSH and other medications as well as being given the schedule for the remainder of the drugs to complete your IVF cycle.

Phase VI

Oocyte (egg) Retrieval

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On the day of oocyte retrieval, you will be asked to arrive one hour prior to the procedure. You should have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night prior to the procedure. Your husband will be asked to collect a specimen on this morning after your arrival to the center. Freezing a specimen for back-up is encouraged and can be arranged with the front office. You will meet the anesthesiologist on the morning of the retrieval. He/she will place an IV in your arm or hand as a way to provide pain medication and light anesthesia. You will not be aware of the events of the procedure and should have minimal discomfort when you wake.

You will be given something by mouth at that time as necessary. It will take 15-30 minutes for the retrieval. You will be discharged approximately two (2) hours after the procedure after you have had something to drink and voided (urinated).

Please review your micromanipulation instruction sheet which was given to you on the day of hCG. It is very important that these instructions be followed. You will be told the number of oocytes retrieved as soon as possible after the procedure. This information is usually available before you leave the center.

Phase VII

Embryo Transfer

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Embryo Transfer takes place three or five days after egg retrieval. You may eat a light breakfast and should arrive with a full bladder. Please do not urinate upon arrival to the office. If you feel that you cannot wait, please consult with the front office and the nurse will be notified. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled transfer time. The embryo transfer does NOT require an IV and is rarely uncomfortable. Your husband is encouraged to be with you during the transfer. The transfer will take place in a darkened room. Abdominal ultrasound will be used for visualizing placement of the embryos.

You will lie quietly for 30 minutes after the procedure and then discharged to home. Light activity is recommended for five days following the transfer. Please review your instructions as will be given by your IVF specialist.


Pregnancy Testing

Your blood pregnancy test will be scheduled 12 - 14 days after the embryo transfer. You will have another test if the first test is positive. The relationship between these two numbers is important. An ultrasound will be scheduled the day your second pregnancy test is drawn.

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