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What is ivf ?

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In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a technique whereby egg cells are fertilised outside the mother's body in cases where conception is impossible through normal intercourse. "In vitro" is Latin for "in glass", referring to the test tubes.

The technique was developed in the United Kingdom by Doctors Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards. The first so-called "test-tube baby", Louise Brown, was born as a result on July 25, 1978 amid intense controversy over the safety and morality of the procedure. The first successful IVF treatment in the US took place in 1981, and there have been 45,000 babies born with the aid of IVF treatment since then. In brief, the process involves removing ova (eggs) from the woman's body and letting sperm fertilise them in a fluid medium. The fertilised eggs are then transferred to the mother's uterus where normal development occurs. IVF is used commonly when the father's sperm count is low or the woman's fallopian tubes are blocked.

Ovulation induction agents, such as Pergonal are usually given to the mother 8-10 days before treatment, as they allow larger numbers of eggs to be recovered, improving the chances of a successful fertilisation. Before the development of such drugs few eggs would be retrieved because it required careful monitoring of the mother's 'LH surge' in order to recover eggs at the right time. This also often resulted in the performing of egg retrievals in the early morning or night time because of the unpredictability of such an occurrence. As well as 'superovulation' inducing drugs, gonadotropin releasing hormone agonosts carefully control the timing of retrieval by preventing any unexpected LH surges.

What is IVF Treatment India, Cost IVF Treatment Kolkata India,What is IVF, What is IVF Treatment, What is IVF Treatment Mumbai Bangalore Delhi India,  What is IVF Treatment Hospitals, What is IVF Surgery CenterThe eggs can be retrieved from the mother using the more common sonographic technique involving an ultra-sound guided needle piercing the vagina. The follicles of the woman are punctured and the woman's follicular fluid is removed and placed in an incubator. Laparocopic egg recovery involves retrieval through an incision in the abdomen. This is used in women who also require a simultaneous assessment of their pelvic anatomy through a diagnostic laparoscopy.

Semen is also taken from the husband. It can be analysed using 'sperm penetration assays', where some sperm is checked to see whether it can puncture a zone-stripped hamster egg. The sperm can also be cultured to detect bacteria which can reduce the chances of pregnancy.

How does IVF treatment work?

In IVF treatment (called an IVF "cycle") eggs are removed from the woman and fertilized with sperm to produce embryos. The embryos are grown in the laboratory for a few days then placed in the woman's uterus to achieve pregnancy. The pregnancy is monitored as usual until the birth of the baby.

Who does IVF?

IVF is performed by fertility specialists (Reproductive Endocrinologists) at fertility clinics. A Reproductive Endocrinologists is a doctor specially trained in infertility and is not the same as an Ob/Gyn.

How successful is IVF treatment?

Some fertility clinics measure the success rate for IVF as the probability of getting pregnant. They even distinguish between different stages of pregnancy. But pregnancy is not the same as a live birth, so a better measure of IVF success is the probability of getting a baby i.e. a live birth. This success rate for a single IVF cycle is about 30%, but this number can vary widely depending on such factors as the women's age and the IVF clinic used.

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