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IVF doctors promoted by Select Surrogacy India are selected after a thorough research and selection procedure.
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Select IVF Surrogacy India partners IVF, Egg Donation and Surrogacy centres and clinics in India with a proven track record. The IVF doctors in these centres are carefully chosen after scrutinizing their credentials and success rates.

We do not necessarily partner IVF doctors and centres who have good presence over the net or centres who advertise more. We have an advantage due to our local presence in India. We personally meet the doctor, have discussions at length for the procedures they follow, validate the clinical standards and standards of their centre and personally speak to large number of patients already treated by them. After we are fully satisfied with the credibility of the doctor and the centre we discuss the pricing structure with them as well. It is the duty of Select IVF Surrogacy India to ensure that the international patient is charged fairly and she knows the charges fully before planning to come to India.

We know doctors of different specialties personally in each city. These doctors have very strong network with their fellow doctors practicing in India and abroad. Many a times we have been crucial in relocation of an Indian born doctor who is successfully practicing in USA / UK back to India. These are the same doctors who may have treated you in your country of residence but chose to come back to India for their personal reasons. This may give more confidence to you to select India for your IVF treatment.

For your convenience we partner IVF, Egg Donation and Surrogacy centres in all major cities in India including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kerala, Cochin, Bangalore and Jaipur

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