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Medical Tourism

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What Is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism as a concept has been seen over the decades. But not how organized it is now. People have always traveled from one city to other, some times countries seeking the best treatment for their loved ones. With the advent of global education, internet, world class technology in state of the art hospitals and centres and Internationally trained doctors, medical tourism is today's' preferred way to outsource your health.

Medical Tourism gives you the opportunity to get the best quality surgery / treatment at state of the art hospitals at amazingly low costs.

Why To Travel For A Treatment/Surgery?

There are a number of reasons why people travel to another country for better treatment / surgery. The prominent reasons are listed below.

1. Medical Tourism for uninsured / underinsured.

As insurance costs skyrocket, many Americans decide against getting themselves insured. Even insured find out that many of their medical conditions are not covered. Medical Tourism brings the much needed relief to them by providing world class treatment at amazingly low prices.

2. Medical Tourism for Advanced treatment / surgery

It was always a tough choice citizen of countries where advanced medical treatment / surgery is unavailable. Only the extremely rich could afford the heavy bills of medical treatment in the USA / UK, But no more. With the prices as low as 1/5th to 1/10th of the west and medical treatment and care of same standards, India today receives more medical "tourists" than any other country.

3. Medical Tourism for elective surgery

A fairly large number of tourists seek out elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery, dental treatment and host of wellness treatments.

4. Medical Tourism for Quick treatment / surgery (No Wait List).

Waiting to relieve the pain could be daunting. If the treatment is sponsored by the government but available after a long queue, it could be quite unbearable. Medical tourism treatment / surgery is available quickly and as per your schedule.

Why Medical Tourism Agency (Select IVF Surrogacy India)?

Select IVF Surrogacy India as medical tourism facilitators ensure your complete facilitation from the query stage, your treatment stage to post hospital / IVF centre discharge follow up. The advantage to you is that while you practically pay nothing to Select IVF Surrogacy India, in fact all the payments are made directly to the chosen service provider, your entire treatment is pre planned, professionally executed and facilitated at each stage by Select IVF Surrogacy India. Having the industry's most elaborate and exclusive Patient Care and Clinical Coordination teams stationed at each partner hospital, we provide you smooth and seamless international patient services while you receive world class treatments at JCI / JCAHO / ISO accredited hospitals in India.

How to finalise service provider (IVF Centre)?

While searching for the right hospital and doctor is most necessary for you, it is very important to keep in mind these points.

Credentials of the doctor - His qualifications, attachments, achievements and affiliations.

Hospital / Service provider - Nursing Care, Hospitality and Management of the Hospital is equally important as the surgeon.

Accreditations - Accreditations like Joint Commission International, NABH for Indian hospitals by Indian Government and ISO ensure that the hospital adopts the best medical practices and adheres to them.

Testimonials - The best way to select a service provider is to actually speak to one of fellow patients already treated at the centre. He / She will not only speak his first hand experience but also throw light on myths and facts about the hospital.

Pricing - Though pricing is the largest reason for medical tourism, don't go by it alone. There are different factors to different pricing. Tier 1 A cities like Delhi and Mumbai will cost more than other cities. Also if the doctor is more experienced and acclaimed, he may tend to charge more.

Consult Select IVF Surrogacy India for the best surgeon and quote for your medical condition. Medical Tourism Facilitator - Select IVF Surrogacy India - As we are based in India and have first name contacts with most of doctors, the response to your medical query is much fast and professional. The rates offered to you by the hospital are negotiated by Select IVF Surrogacy India to offer you the best prices.

Do's and Don't's of Medical Tourism

  • Provide your complete medical status, reports and doctors notes to the service provider / Select IVF Surrogacy India. It will ensure proper evaluation by the treating doctor and hence the right medical quote.

  • If the doctor needs any additional test or procedure, if possible, get it done in your country before traveling to India. Its review by the treating doctor in India will allow the right quote.

  • Research the doctor and the service provider before deciding to travel.

  • If you decide to travel to India, provide your and your attendants passport details to Select IVF Surrogacy India. We will issue you a medical visa assistance letter addressed to the Indian Embassy in your country for faster medical visa.

  • Always travel with an attendant while traveling for medical treatment.

  • Carry sufficient money as per medical quote and a little extra for post discharge hotel stay etc.

  • Don't go blindly on the name of the hospital / IVF centre, research about the doctor and speak to the patients treated before.

  • Not all modalities are applicable for all medical conditions. Some times a particular modality which you may have a fancy for (eg. laser) may not be the right treatment for your medical condition.

What to Carry While Travelling Abroad For Medical Treatment /Surgery.

  • Always carry sufficient money as per the medical quote & little for post hospital stay in a hotel.

  • Carry your complete medical reports and doctors notes for review by treating doctor.

  • Carry the contact number of your local physician. The treating doctor may need to discuss your medical condition with him.

Is It Real? How Is It So Affordable?

Sometimes it may seem doubtful to trust the level of care at these prices. While the surgeons are heavily experienced with large number of cases due to large population and hospitals have ramped up their facilities and operations to match the best in the world, the costs still remain significantly low due to Indian economy and its low domestic healthcare prices.

How Do I Get The Medical Visa?

As you decide to travel to India for IVF treatment , you will be issued a medical visa assistance letter in favour of the Indian Embassy in your country. This will allow you faster medical visa which comes with host of facilities and advantages over the regular tourist visa.

Will The Final Bill Vary From Medical Quote?

While all care is taken by the service provider in providing you the medical quote, it is based on the medical reports and information given by you. It can change in two circumstances.
  1. On your arrival the treating doctor will examine you personally. If he / she finds your condition different / advanced he may advise for a different course of treatment.

  2. While you are being treated, if the treatment needs to be extended or altered.

On any circumstance your consent will be taken prior to taking any action.

Can I Contact Ivf Doctor After Surgery When I am Back In My Country/Can My Physician Communicate With The Doctor?

Yes, You as well as your physician can contact the treating doctor / surgeon before the treatment as well as after your return home for post treatment / surgery follow up. Select IVF Surrogacy India will connect both the parties through tele conference at their convenient time.

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