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Medical Tourism India

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What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism as a concept has been seen over the decades. But not how organized it is now. People have always traveled from one city to other, some times countries seeking the best treatment / surgery for their loved ones. With the advent of global education, internet, world class technology in state of the art hospitals and USA / UK / Internationally trained doctors, medical tourism is today's' preferred way to outsource your health.

Medical Tourism gives you the opportunity to get the best quality of IVF treatment / Egg Donation / Surrogacy at state of the art hospitals / Centres at amazingly low costs.

Why Medical Tourism Abroad in India?

While there are many countries offering medical tourism today, Select IVF Surrogacy India's IVF treatment / Egg Donation / Surrogacy package of low cost at state of the art hospitals / Centres performed by experienced doctors remains unmatched till date. The loving attitude that you will come across everywhere in India - from the ward boys to the treating doctors - is the "care" that sets India apart from any nation. With Select IVF Surrogacy India's exclusive Patient Care and Clinical Care teams stationed at each partner hospitals, you experience the smoothest and seamless care ever imagined.

Who should you be interested in Medical Tourism Abroad in India?

As long as you can board the flight to India, you stand to benefit from Select IVF Surrogacy India's exclusive Medical Tourism India packages. Most of our customers choose India over other countries abroad and fall into the following categories
  • Non Availability of treatment / surgery in your country and exorbitant costs in the west. Many of or customers from all parts of Africa including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Indonesia, the west including USA, UK and Europe etc. choose treatment abroad in India as the most preferred medical tourism provider due to low cost and amazing results. Most of our patients are referred either by patients already treated in abroad in India or their doctors having first hand knowledge of what Medical Tourism India offers.
  • Medical Tourism for "Wait List" patients - Healthcare may be free from the government to you but of what use when you have to suffer for months and may be a couple of years before getting treated. Our packages are immediately available with your schedule. People choose the dates as per their convenience and available leaves from work.
  • Medical Tourism for the uninsured / underinsured - Millions of Americans are uninsured and under insured. The burden of heavy insurance policies and skyrocket hospital bills force them to seek treatment / surgery elsewhere. JCI accredited hospitals with Board certified doctors and reference from fellow Americans already treated abroad in India will help you make the better decision.

What's in it for me?

By choosing Medical Tourism abroad in India, you get:
  • Immediate World Class Treatment by
  • Eminent Surgeons at
  • Internationally accredited hospitals / Centres at
  • Affordable prices coordinated by
  • Select IVF Surrogacy India

What's the process of Medical Tourism?

Select IVF Surrogacy India's Medical Tourism process is as simple as you taking a consultation with your local physician. On receiving your complete medical history, doctor's notes and radiology reports we personally discuss your case with the treating doctor and you are provided with a medical quote within 2 working days. On your acceptance we provide you with medical visa assistance letter for quick medical visa and as you confirm for the earliest / scheduled date of arrival, your room and your appointment with IVF Doctor is booked. Select IVF Surrogacy India's "Flight to Flight" Medical Tourism Operations team looks after you while in India.

For more information, medical assessment and medical quote
send your detailed medical history and medical reports
as email attachment to
Email : - info@selectsurrogacyindia.com

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