IVF doctors promoted by Select Surrogacy India are selected after a thorough research and selection procedure.
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Select IVF Surrogacy India selects those Infertility treatment centres in India which mach the international standards in patient care and medical services. This includes the standard facilities which the centre must have to be a part of Select IVF Surrogacy India.

The standard facilities offered by Infertility treatment centres by Select IVF Surrogacy India are:


  • All the centres have standard private rooms where a patient may be admitted for a day care procedure (eg. Myomectomy).
  • The rooms are extensively defined matching the standards of a star grade hotel room


  • Nursing services standards match the best in class.


  • Hospitality including receptionists and general attitude and service standard of staff as a whole towards the patient is measured personally by meeting the staff and taking references from already treated patients.

Food Services

  • Food Services with balanced diet for in patients and diet according to the physician / dietician is offered to patients. World cuisine according to home country of the patient is provided on special request.
  • Food for attendant is offered in the room or in the hospital cafeteria.


  • Excellent Housekeeping standards are maintained.

Patient Care Services

  • Each International Patient is assigned an individual patient care executive to assist and ensure smooth process in the infertility centre / hospital.


  • The infertility physicians selected are internationally experienced physicians who have already treated large number of patients and have an excellent success rate. They are dynamic and proactive in communication.

Success Rates

  • The success rates of the clinic are measured extensively over a period of time and only when found satisfactory that the clinic is enlisted with Select IVF Surrogacy India.


  • The entire bill of the patient if given in hand before the completion of the treatment.

Follow Up

  • Follow up by the Physician and the hospital is monitored for all patients. We even have groups of kids and their parents who were assisted by our centres.

Medical Ethics

  • Enforcement of medical ethic plays a major part in selection of the infertility treatment clinic. Meetings with numerous patients treated, references from the medical fraternity and individual experiences are taken into account.


  • The Clinics have a Lawyer each for protecting the patients against any legality. This is particularly important for Surrogacy as it entails legal documents before the start of the procedure.


  • The integrity of adhere to the initial cost suggested to the patient for the treatment is a prerequisite. Cost variation incase of change of procedure due to circumstances not known earlier must be communicated to the patient and the treatment continued only with the patients approval.


  • Correct and timely communication to the patient from the Physician, the clinic / hospital authorities, nursing, patient care and all the staff offering services to the patient is very important and a transparent system is encouraged.

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