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IVF doctors promoted by Select Surrogacy India are selected after a thorough research and selection procedure.
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Surrogate mother

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Surrogacy is legal in India and there are organized and professional agencies who recruit and manage the surrogates. The IVF and Surrogacy doctor selects the best of these women on the basis of an extensive criteria including host of medical tests. You must know the following facts and research with the available resources before selecting for surrogacy in India.

  • Law on surrogacy in India
  • Ethics prescribed by Indian Council of Medical Research
  • Selection procedure of the Surrogate Mother
  • Details of the IVF and Surrogacy Specialist Doctor and Success Rates
  • Testimonials of the couples blessed with a baby with a surrogate
  • Details of the agency - Select IVF Surrogacy India and referrals

Indian Surrogacy Laws

  • Commercial surrogacy, which is banned in Australia, New Zealand and Most European countries and is subject to a wide spectrum of regulation in U.S. states, was legalized in India in 2002. The cost of the medical procedures, air tickets and hotels for two trips to India (one for the fertilization and a second to collect the baby) comes to around USD$25,000, roughly a fifth of the typical price in the United States. "People are increasingly exposed to the idea of surrogacy in India & Oprah Winfrey talked about it on her show just few months ago;
  • Important point to note is that if an egg donor is involved, her name does not appear on the document, either; only that of the father.
  • Under guidelines issued by the Indian Medical Council, the surrogate mothers signs away all their rights to the child. In cases where the surrogate provides a womb for an embryo formed from the sperm and egg of the prospective parents, it is onrly the names of these genetic parents that appear on the birth certificate.

Indian Council of Medical Research

Main IVF related law governing body in India : -
National Guidelines for Accreditation, Supervision & Regulation of ART Clinics in India
  • Preliminary Pages
  • Corrigendum
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction, Brief history of ART and Requirement of ART Clinics
  • Chapter 2 - Screening of Patients for ART : Selection Criteria and Possible Complications
  • Chapter 3 - Code of Practice, Ethical Considerations and Legal Issues
  • Chapter 4 - Sample Consent Forms
  • Chapter 5 - Training
  • Chapter 6 - Future Research Prospects
  • Chapter 7 - Providing ART Services to the Economically Weaker Sections of the Society
  • Chapter 8 - Establishing a National Database for Human Infertility
  • Chapter 9 - Composition of the National Accreditation Committee
  • Biblriography
  • Members of the Expert Group for Formulating the National Guidelines for Accreditation, Supervision and Regulation of ART Clinics in India

Selection procedure of the Surrogate Mother

Before we present you any surrogate mother, we ensure she has satisfied the following minimum requirements.
  • Detailed Interview (verbal & written)
  • Psychological analysis (evaluated by a licensed clinical psychologist)
  • Reliable support system from family, friends, and work environment.
  • Investigations / screening for surrogate.
  • Detailed medical records reviewed by certified overseas trained fertility physician

Details of the IVF and Surrogacy Specialist Doctor and Success Rates

Select IVF Surrogacy India partners with IVF and Surrogacy doctors and after a detailed procedure. The education of the doctor, experience in hospitals in India and outside India, experience of treating international patients, referrals from fellow doctors, referrals from patients, success rates of IVF and Surrogacy in various categories, patient communication skills are all taken in to consideration. These are kept into mind even when our patients are being treated by the doctor and updated regularly. For a detailed list of our IVF and Surrogacy doctors in India.

Testimonials of the couples blessed with a baby with a surrogate

Testimonials and personal experiences of the patients having conceived a baby in India with a surrogate mother must me taken into consideration before deciding to come to India for surrogate mother. These are available at our testimonials page. The detailed profiles of the surrogate are shared with the couples before they select a surrogate mother. For an updated list of the patients experiences and their contact details submit you query and ask us for the same.

Details of the agency - Select IVF Surrogacy India and referrals

Select IVF Surrogacy India has completed 3 years of existence. If we include the individual experiences of the top management we have more than 21 years of experience in the medical services field in India. Most of the known doctors in India are our family friends and hence the in depth knowledge of the profession, the quality standards and its facilitation to international patients comes quite naturally. Add to this the professional set up, systemized facilitation procedures, centralized facilitation services, regular training of the patient care and clinical care executive and we are today one of the most successful medical tourism companies in the world. The IVF and Surrogacy program with our partner doctors in India offering surrogate motherhood to couples are regarded as world class today. For details of our company click here.

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